Maryland Custom Auto Club

Maryland Custom Auto Club

Maryland Custom Auto Club was established in 2007. We were formerly known as Maryland Custom Auto. We put on and promote these events to help raise money for the Toys for Tots program We are a group of people who have a love for all thing wheels, cars, motorcycles, trucks. We admire those things that people dot o make their vehicle stand out above the rest. We have been sponsoring car shows and events for over 15 year, and continue to strive to bring you the best. Our true goal is to bring a very fair and competitive event to all that participate,and give the best awards to those who stand above the rest. Cars that participate in our shows are judged on a 100 point system which is used to rate the entire car. We incorporate many classes to ensure that your car will be judge in a class that would be beneficial to your chances of winning an award.

Thank You,

Shawn Chambers

President MCAC


Our Shows

In 2014, we are sponsoring nine shows. These shows comprise of one all motorcycle show, and a specialty show, “Chevy/GM .vs. Mopar”. Our very first show is a best .vs. best for cars and trucks. All other shows are open for all types of vehicles. If you notice, we have two show scheduled on the same date and at the same location. Our annual indoor show and our Toys for Tots Charity Car and Bike Show, are schedule on October 18, 2014 at the Pikesville Armory. We understand that we may charge a little more than others, but this is due in main part to the expenses that we incur giving such shows. We have the additional charges for the venue and insurance. However, we try to make up by giving bigger and better awards


Judging System

During the main competition all vehicle are judge on 100 point system. With this system your car is judged on care, cleanliness, and maintenance. The judging is a bumper to bumper, inside and out. Your exterior is inspected, as well asunder your hood, in your trunk, and interior of car. The overall look of the vehicle and how well you preserved or upgraded the look, and how it flows with the vehicle. It is not about how much you spent to create the look, but the end result and how it flows. Meaning we will not take points off if your engine is not chromed, as long as it is clean and well maintained you will be judged the same. We have specialty awards for those people who take the extra step